Why Us

Why you should choose Billings By Owner to sell your home

Most home/property buyers depend on a real estate agent to find a home and facilitate the transaction. But often times this process is not effective and can be time consuming and costly. Now the real estate buyer has another powerful tool in their home/property searching arsenal, BillingsByOwner.com. Our Website contains “For Sale By Owner” (FSBO, pronounced fizbo) property from all over the Billings area. You have the power and efficiency of the Internet at your disposal to both locate and contact FSBO home/property sellers. We provide a means of communication between the buyer and seller from the comfort of your own home.

No longer does the consumer need to fear the real estate transaction. By utilizing the educational resources of the internet/bookstore or hiring an experienced real estate attorney, the modern consumer can protect their interest and facilitate the complete real estate transaction (see Buyers Guide).

No more driving around to locate that perfect home/property. With BillingsByOwner.com you can quickly search, sort and investigate potential properties. Just a click of the mouse and the For Sale By Owner market is at your finger tips!

Want to save on real estate commissions and have more negotiating power? Than buy a For Sale By Owner property. Both sellers and buyers can save by eliminating the middle-man and working together toward their mutual goal of home/property ownership!

Want to save on valuable services or be referred to quality real estate professionals to help complete the real estate transaction? BillingsByOwner.com has referral relationships with reputable businesses in Billings that can provide all the necessary services you require to insure an enjoyable and successful real estate venture. Some even offer discounted real estate services to BillingsByOwner.com users and customers.

Want to save on the most valuable asset you possess? Maximize your time through our Website. Use our efficient searches and extensive resources to find and buy your next home/property.

While you may choose to use a real estate agency, don’t ignore the incredible value of For Sale By Owner property and BillingsByOwner.com!